Basic Shotgun Operators Course
Course Description: Basic Shotgun Operators Certification
Course Length : 24 Hours / 3days
Community Peace Officers / Law enforcement / Government Agencies Only

This program was specifically designed to meet the needs of Alberta Community Peace officers. It meets and exceeds the standards of the Alberta Fish & Wildlife Shotgun operators Course.

Course Overview:
This course will provide the Community Peace Officer Shotgun operator a diverse and comprehensive exposure to shotgun operations and techniques. The student will be shown basic and advanced shotgun operational procedures and will learn the skills crucial to safe handling the shotgun in an operational environment.

Instructional Goals:

  • Shotgun / Firearm Safety
  • Weapon Familiarization / Maintenance
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Carry / Transport / Deployment
  • Malfunctions / Transitions
  • Ballistics
  • Zero / Sight adjustment
  • Marksmanship / AACP Qualification
  • Humane Animal Dispatch Procedures
  • Cover & Concealment
  • Support Side Fire
  • Moving Engagements
  • Improvised Positions
  • Variable Light Deployment / Operation

Shotgun shell

What the Professionals have to say about CIPS Shotgun Courses

“This course met my expectations and that of the VPD’s firearms training team.
The course was exactly what we were looking for, and I thank you for that.”
R.R. Police Trainer

“Very general covering all points and topics, from the most basic to the advanced.
Any skill level learned something and came away with points to share
with students. Very comprehensive course, and fun”
P.S. Police Trainer

“The armour portion gave better understanding of system instruction. Practical,
good experience in teaching shotgun techniques”
R.B. Police Trainer

“Great job, excellent, thanks for sharing your knowledge”

“Two very excellent Instructors!, my hats off to you, very knowledgeable instructors”
K.J. Police Trainer

“Lots of info, This was a good instructor level class, that was actually and instructor
level class. -well done- ”
B.S Police Trainer

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