Professional Community Peace Officer

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This course is designed for all Community Peace Officers to increase their functional knowledge and enhance their operational skills. This course will increase confidence and assist the in recognizing a variety of criminal behaviors and threats that exist in their communities. It will better equip the CPO to deal professionally with a wide variety of issues and situations.

Additionally it will prepare the CPO for investigative process, professional note taking and building skills as a professional witness in the judicial process

Community Peace Officer Training Topics will include:

  • Officer Safety

  • Peace Officer Vehicle Operation

  • Traffic control (accident scenes, emergency scenes, weather related traffic control)

  • Positioning vehicles for enforcement purposes

  • Basic patrol techniques  (patrol speed, observation skills when patrolling, patrolling for enforcement)

  • Investigative Process

  • Evidence collection and maintaining the chain of evidence

  • Elements of the Law 
(reading, understanding and application of Provincial and Municipal Law)

  • Identification, Knowledge and understanding of basic criminal law and how to support other agencies in this area

  • (What is Assault?  What is a threat? When is it assault? What are our responsibilities? Legally? Morally?  What should we be watching for?  How do we support our Policing agencies?)

  • Statement taking and writing

  • Professional Note taking Record keeping and sharing

  • Court procedures

  • “Bad Guys with bad habits”  – How major criminals get caught by committing minor offences.

  • Recognizing Criminal Behavior

  • “Traffic vs. trafficking” – Drug dealers drive cars, park and shop in your neighborhood.  Will you recognize them?

  • Professional Communication:

  • Serve the ticket professionally. You have already won – so there’s no need to argue! (how many times do officers get involved in a pointless argument about an offence.  We have already won by identifying the offence and serving the ticket.  When an officer gets in an argument with the offender they give away their power!)

  • Scenario Based Training