Women’s Program Coordinator


Tracy Ward

is a graduate of the University of Alberta, with a major in Psychology. She is currently a Constable in a major Canadian Police Service with 20+ years experience. During that time she has worked patrol in South Division, Communications Section, Specialized Break and Enter Team, as well as numerous covert operations involving drugs, property, and crimes against persons. She has received training in a variety of areas including suicide prevention, sexual assault and child abuse, stress management, and sexually violent offenders. Tracy is a provincially certified group exercise instructor in numerous areas of fitness, and has been for the past 18 years. She has lectured at women’s conferences and offered seminars on women’s empowerment, balance, and wellness. She is an AWSDA certified Rape Prevention Instructor, and a Rape Aggression Defense Systems Instructor. She has received training in a variety of defense tactics including ground defense, multiple assailant attacks, choke hold and gun defenses, improvised weapons, defense against sexual assaults, verbal self-defense and confrontation training.


As police officers we have extensive background and understanding of both perpetrator and victim behavior. As trainers we understand the importance of developing a protective program that utilizes gross motor skill and simplistic techniques. We recognize the need for reputable and sound information and survival training for woman. There are many individuals and martial arts groups providing training in women’s self defense. Although many are reputable there are also many that are not.

We have compiled an intensive and comprehensive program, which will both empower and provide a heightened level of confidence and education for woman in the area of personal defense. This program will provide a detailed lecture and information component as well as an intensive physical skills program to provide women the outlet to learn, practice and hone the physical skills necessary to prevent and repel a violent attacker. This will include a detailed component unique to Canadian perspectives and some specific threats found in your community.

CIPS has been working hard behind the scenes to develop and format our women’s protective program. Our program came on line in the 1st quarter of 2005. The basic program is a 2 day seminar. The training is specifically for woman and is offered in the private and safe training environment of our facility, or at your site. Classes will be kept to a manageable size in order to allow of a appropriate student to Instructor ratio. The goal of our program is to provide women with a better understanding of the following.

Day 1:

  • Personal protection / self defense and Canadian Law
  • Realities of violence against women / Canadian perspective
  • Understanding violence and confrontation
  • Predator vs. prey behavior
  • Environmental safety and awareness
  • Mind set
  • Basic physical skills training begins

Day 2:

  • Intensive / basic defensive and protective skills training
  • Evolving with exposure to confrontation simulation exercises

16 hour course.

Requires moderate fitness level to complete