Testimonials: What the Professionals have to say about CIPS Inc.

CPO Vehicle Stop Instructors Course – Parkland County, May 2017

“The vehicle stop instructor course in Parkland County was excellent. The lessons were expertly delivered by instructors who clearly had an excellent background in the subject matter and in training trainers. I would highly recommend this course to others.
I have left the course feeling more prepared to deliver the topic of […]

Reality-One Training ™


Reality-One Training ™
Developed by T.D.P.E.® in collaboration with Canadian Innovative Protective Solutions Inc. and designed to teach the operator/instructor how to manage close quarters, imminent and grievous threat-to-life situations that any officer may face.

What is Reality-One Training ™ ?
Reality-One™ is an established concept developed by T.D.P.E.® of Spain. This company has been delivering reality-based use of force training since the early […]