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Canadian Innovative Protective Solutions Inc. is in its 15 th year of operation. We are dedicated to providing the best in comprehensive skills training and education for the Security Industry, Law Enforcement community, and a wide variety of public and private sector agencies and organizations. We provide protective solutions, consulting and education for a broad and varied list of clients.

We have a broad range of skilled professionals who can assist your organization. Our objective is to tailor our programs and protective solutions to the clients needs.

Owner  (Company Founder)

Mark Bloxham:

Is a graduate of Grant MacEwan University, Police Science Program. He is currently a  Sergeant with a large Canadian Police Agency. He has 26 years of service.

During that time he has worked as an exhibit tech., Patrol in Downtown, Southwest, Southeast and North Divisions, Communications Section, 18 years in Public Safety Unit (riot troop) and over 5 years in the Officer Safety Unit (Training Section). His primary responsibilities included delivery of training programs to all in-service members in such areas as use of force, control tactics, and firearms. Additionally he was responsible for research and use of force analysis. Has received a variety of Instructor level certifications in such areas as control and defensive tactics, ground fighting, tactical baton, O.C., chemical munitions, specialty impact munitions, distraction devices, CEW, firearms, rapid deployment, and safe simulation instructor.

Additionally, he served 4 years a Detective assigned to major crimes. Assigned to domestic offender crimes and homicide section. Two years in charge of his agencies Officer Safety Unit (Tactics, CEW, Police & Emergency Vehicle Operations).

He is currently assigned to a traffic criminal interdiction unit.

Mark Bloxham is also a certified PPCT Instructor trainer since 2002, (Currently Certified). He is a  Court recognized expert in police use of force , patrol tactics, and officer safety training. He is certified as a force analyst through the force science institute. Mark has provided training to police officers overseas in  Spain, Andorra, and the Middle East.

A detailed resume is available to clients upon request.

* Mark has trained in the martial arts since he was 12 years old. Including but not limited to judo, traditional Karate, jujitsu, and most recently MuayThai Kick boxing.

He is currently deployed in the middle east on an International Policing mission. Despite Mark’s deployment the CIPS team will continue to provide services for the time he is overseas. He can be reached at

He can be reached at: mark@cipscanada.com or on whats app @ : 780-668-7481

Owner :

Bret Pagnucco – CIPS Inc. Firearms & Tactical Training Coordinator

Sergeant Bret Pagnucco recently retired after 28 years service from the Edmonton Police Service. He is currently working in a mangers position with a provincial government agency. A former full time Tactical Team Leader, Bret has also been assigned to the Training Division as a Firearms and Control Tactics Instructor.

His responsibilities in the past have included the development and coordination of Tactical Section training and while assigned full time to Training Section he developed and implemented many innovative programs for his agency’s 1,150 officers. A graduate of many firearms related schools, including the FBI Firearms Instructor School, Bret is a certified Master Firearms Instructor with operational experience in the deployment and use of revolvers, pistols, shotguns, 37 and 40mm gas guns, submachine guns and rifles.

Bret serves as the Director of Firearms Programs for the National Tactical Officers Association and has certified NTOA instructors since 2000. A recipient of numerous awards, Bret received his agency’s highest award for bravery in 1993 and was presented with an NTOA Award of Merit at the 2001 NTOA Conference. Bret is currently the NTOA’s director of Firearms Training.

He can be reached at: bret@cipscanada.com or 780-292-4636

Click the books below to read Bret’s many published articles on Firearms and Training related topics


Jay Millante – CIPS Inc. Instructor

Jay Millante is a graduate of the Grant MacEwan University, Security and Investigations Program. He currently works as a Community Peace Officer for a large Municipality in various capacities as a frontline officer and Training Supervisor. His focus has included Special Project roles, Officer Safety Instruction and Course Development in various disciplines.

He was also a Training Officer / Course developer for Peace Officer training in the Hospital industry. Jay has a variety of instructor level certifications which include Arrest and Control tactics, Baton, O.C Spray, Guided Imagery, Crossfit, Taser, Combat Physio-kenetics, Groundfighting, and Edged Weapon Defence. Jay has worked as a Peace Officer, and taught for various Security and Enforcement industries for 19 years. Jay has received numerous awards for his commitment and dedication in the realm of Officer Safety and in the line of duty.

Jay has been involved in martial arts throughout his life and enjoys coaching. In his off time he works as a volunteer firefighter.


James Gonek – CIPS Inc. Instructor

James Gonek is a graduate of the University of Alberta Bachelor of Science, Wildlife and Rangeland Conservation Management. He is an armed Wildlife Officer currently working for a federal department as a front line officer.

He is also a Training Officer for his department. James has a variety of instructor level certifications which include PPCT Instructor, RCMP Use of Force Instructor, Vehicle Stop Instructor, Simmunition Instructor.

He has worked as a consultant for CIPS for 9 yrs. James has been an armed federal environment officer for 13 years working for 2 departments during this time.

He can be reached at james@cipscanada.com





TDPE of Spain- One of the Worlds Best Reality Based Use of Force and Tactics Training Companies
Collaborative Partners since 2002



Setcan Corporation-Worlds Best Reality Based Use of Force Equipment Company




The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the law enforcement community. NTOA currently has more than 40,000 members from specialties that include patrol, TEMS, crisis negotiations, canine, corrections, sniper, protective operations, explosives, command, tactical dispatchers, behavioral sciences and more. These members take full advantage of NTOA’s annual training conference, interactive members-only website offerings and eagerly await the arrival of its renowned publication, The Tactical Edge.




Below 100


Our Vision:
To permanently eliminate preventable line of duty deaths and injuries through innovative training and awareness

Our Mission:
To influence law enforcement culture by providing innovative training and awareness, through presentations, social media, and webinars on identifying the leading causes and current trends in preventable line of duty deaths and injuries.

“If we would just slow down, wear our seatbelts and clear intersections, we could get our line of duty deaths to Below 100 a year.”
The idea of Below 100 began at that table and continues today and it’s evolved into Below 100 Program, an initiative that aims to reduce the line of duty deaths to below 100, a number not the seen since 1943. If you’re reading this, consider yourself part of this conversation.
We can do this. We’ve done it before. In 1974, the all-time high year for officer deaths, 278 were killed in the line of duty. Innovations in training, emergency medicine and vehicles, as well as the development of ballistic armour all contributed to bring this number down. We’ve averaged about 150 officers killed per year in the last ten years. Together, we can bring that number to below 100.
We have identified five key tenets by which we can improve officer safety—areas where we can make a difference. Below 100 isn’t about statistics. It’s about each and every officer, trainer and supervisor taking individual and collective responsibility for the decisions and actions that contribute to safety.
For those in a leadership position, Below 100 means supporting a culture of safety throughout your department. Make doing the right thing so ingrained in your personnel that it becomes the norm and not the exception. Just as importantly, hold accountable those who stray outside what should be common sense. Often, a private word with a misguided officer is all it takes to correct his or her misperception. Below 100 is committed to providing you the tools and resources you need to make a culture of safety thrive throughout your department.
Finally, Below 100 is a challenge that recognizes each officer death as a tragedy. It’s our duty to face down death and protect the innocent when called to do so. It’s a fact: Good cops will die each year. But working together—and only by working together—we can keep our streets and ourselves safer.

5 Tenant:

1. Wear Your Belt
It might sound simple to you, even unnecessary, but the truth is too many agencies don’t mandate belt wear. And even among those that do, many officers ignore policy because the culture doesn’t value it. The truth: Seatbelts save lives.
Article: Wear Your Belt. Watch Your Speed – By Travis Yates

2. Wear Your Vest
We know vests save lives. We know that bullets can fly when we least expect it. Add to that the fact that body armor can improve your likelihood of surviving a car accident or other traumatic event and you quickly see why you must wear it. Always. Period.
Article: Wear Your Vest – By Jeff Chudwin

3. Watch Your Speed
Why do cops drive fast? Because they can, right? Well, driving faster than what conditions warrant is a sure way to get in trouble. Of course there are times when getting on scene quickly is critical. But these times are rare. Too often, officers are speeding—just because they can. In the process, they are putting themselves and the public at perilous risk for no good reason.
Article: Wear Your Belt. Watch Your Speed – By Travis Yates

4. WIN—What’s Important Now?
It’s a simple question that can elicit profound results. It’s a question that will lead to deliberate action, not reaction. If you are constantly prioritizing what’s most important, you won’t have time for the distractions that can get you in trouble, hurt or killed.
Article: WIN—What’s Important Now? – By Brian Willis

5. Remember: Complacency Kills!
Chief Jeff Chudwin perhaps said it best: “Complacency is among the most dangerous and insidious threats we face because it lays us open to all others.” Complacency is why police officers think they can go without vest and seatbelts. It’s why they think they can speed and allow themselves to be distracted. To quote Chief Chudwin again: “Complacency will kill you.”